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New Projects
Damden Centrum
Boutique apartments that are stylish, extremely user-friendly and just the right choice for the privileged.
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Damden Solarium
An array of 2/3 BHK apartments that offer the best of facilities and amenities.
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Real Estate News
Why do you need the 'Real estate regulation and development' bill?
In real estate, most consumer disputes hover around the disputes pertaining to the buyer and builder. The 'Real estate regulation and development' bill addresses these three issues:
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Special Events
RED FM Studio Shift at Damden Solarium, Mysore
Customer Query
Q. I was one of your walk - in guests at Damden Solarium in Mysore during the Red FM studio shift. Apart from the apartment itself the other thing that I liked about this place was it's proximity to Infosy's. I just wanted to know, what are the various other charges that we should know about before buying an apartment? Rohan K
Ans. Mr Rohan,Glad to hear that you liked our project and yes, the Infosys and Wipro is just a stone's throw away which is an added advantage! I would be glad to help you out with the break-up of total charges.
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VastuShastra vs
VastuShastra has its origin in India and FengShui originated in China
The basic concept of both these sciences is to conserve the cosmic or the vital life force within one's home or workplace. When the fundamental principles of both these sciences are used together at one's home or workplace, the results could be remarkable as I have read.
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Customer Testimonial
Legal Column
Q. Hi, I live in USA and need to sell a residential plot in Bangalore. I am waiting for visa approval and can not travel out of US for the next few months. Is it possible that I get POA to my brother to get the property registered to the buyer? I heard that they have stopped registering properties in Bangalore using POA.
Thanks in advance

Ans. You can give power of Attorney to your Brother or father or son specifying that you grant him authority on behalf of you. The GPA is to be notorised/authenticated at the Indian Embassy in US and send to the adjudication of District Registrar in Bangalore and it is valid hence forth.
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